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Compass Receives Support from Not My Child QAC 2.0

Compass Receives Support from Not My Child QAC 2.0

CENTREVILLE — Not My Child QAC 2.0 has generously donated $7,500 to continue to support Compass’ mission and outreach within the community.

With this donation, Not My Child QAC 2.0 is sponsoring children to attend Camp New Dawn and is a camp sponsor for Camp Reflections. Camp New Dawn, a grief retreat hosted by Compass for children, teens, and families who are struggling with the loss of a loved one. It is open to anyone ages 3-18 who is learning to navigate their grief, including those who have lost a loved one to substance abuse. Camp Reflections is a new program this year for teens that have attended Camp New Dawn. During this retreat campers will have the opportunity to reflect on their Camp New Dawn experience and share where they are now in their grief.

This donation will also cover the cost of a self-contained drug waste system for the Barnette Hospice Center and Deterra bags. The Cactus Waste System will help the hospice center dispose of partially administered or unused controlled substances and renders them non-retrievable and unusable. Deterra bags are used for homecare to discard of medications safely.

Since losing his own son, Anthony, to addiction in May 2017, Not My Child QAC 2.0 founder, Tony Reno, has spoken out about the dangers and realities of the opioid epidemic, provided support to those recovering from addiction, and given assistance to families who have lost a loved one.

Thanks to their donation, Camp New Dawn and Camp Reflections will be supported for future families dealing with the grief associated with the losing a loved on to an overdose. Also, Compass’ Barnette Hospice Center will be able to install a self-contained drug waste system and provide Deterra bags for homecare drug disposal with this donation.

To learn more about Camp New Dawn or Camp Reflections, contact Rhonda Knotts at 443-262-4109 or If you would like to support Compass, please visit or contact Kenda Leager at or 443-262-4106.

If you would like to learn more about Not My Child QAC 2.0 and their upcoming events, visit their Facebook page or website,