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What We Do

Supportive Care

Compass Supportive Care is available for those at any stage of serious, chronic, or terminal illness. Also known as palliative care, supportive care offers guidance toward living well and as fully as possible.


Our supportive care team is made up of a physician, a social worker, and our grief support staff. This team provides oversight of a patient’s care, and works closely with their existing care providers. Supportive care can be provided even if a patient is still pursuing curative treatments. Our consultation services help patients find relief from pain and other symptoms related to their diagnosis. We’re committed to clear communication and compassionate care that helps patients and their loved ones through difficult medical treatments and decisions.

Where is supportive care provided?

Supportive care allows the patient to remain where they feel most comfortable—at home with the care and support of loved ones. Home can include a private residence, assisted living or long-term care facilities, or nursing homes.

How do I pay for supportive care?

Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances cover the cost of supportive care.

All of our emotional and spiritual is free of charge and open to our patients, their loved ones, and our community.

Is supportive care the right option for you or a loved one?

Supportive care is appropriate at any stage of a chronic or serious illness, Compass can help individuals who:

  • have a progressing, serious illness.
  • are seeking relief from pain, anxiety, fear and other symptoms related to their diagnosis.
  • are experiencing frequent ER visits or hospitalizations.

If you think Compass can help you or a loved one, or you still are unsure, call us at 443-262-4100. We can arrange for a free, informational visit.