Hospice Care Team

Advanced illness affects more than one's physical health. That is why the Compass Regional Hospice care team is comprised of individuals with the expertise and credentials to focus solely on the needs and wishes of the patient and family. Members of the care team include:

  • Physicians the patient's personal physician works in concert with hospice physicians

  • Pharmacist specializes in palliative care and consults with medical staff
  • Nurse Practitioner work closely with medical directors and nurses to provide clinical care

  • Nurses certified in hospice and palliative care are skilled in pain and symptom management

  • Nursing assistants certified in hospice and palliative care attend to patient's personal needs

  • Social workers with hospice and clinical experience provide guidance in decision-making and the challenges of dealing with advanced illness

  • Grief counselors certified in grief counseling facilitate support groups, individual counseling and remembrance events

  • Spiritual care coordinator supports patients and families and coordinates care with patient's clergy

  • Volunteers trained to work directly with patients and families or function in a supportive, non-patient role

  • Physical and speech therapists, if needed for symptom management