Cost of Care

Hospice Care

Compass Regional Hospice provides the same level of care for patients and families regardless of whether they have health care coverage or limited personal financial resources. Most private health insurance plans and Medicare and Medicaid offer a comprehensive hospice benefit that covers a portion of the expenses associated with care provided in the home and in the Hospice Center, as well as medications relating to the terminal illness, medical equipment and supplies.

Hospice Center Room & Board

Medicare, Medicaid and most private health care plans do not provide for Hospice Center room and board expenses. Please note that admission to Compass Regional Hospice Center is based solely on need, not ability to pay.

     For Routine Hospice Residential Bed: Compass Regional Hospice charges a Room & Board (R&B) rate of $200 per day and requests a deposit equal to two weeks of R&B for eligible applicants. If a patient is not able to afford the standard rate, a reduced room and board rate may be granted. No one in need of care is turned away due to lack of personal financial resources.

     For General Inpatient (GIP) Hospice Bed: There is no Room & Board charge for a GIP Bed. However, a $500 refundable R&B deposit is required for patients who may be transitioning from GIP to a Residential Bed. If the patient does not transition to a Residential Bed or the patient goes home, the R&B deposit is refunded. If the patient transitions from a GIP to a Residential Bed in the Hospice Center, the R&B deposit is applied to the patient’s Residential R&B expense of $200 per day. No one in need of care is turned away due to lack of personal financial resources.


Grief Services and Support Group Programs

Compass Regional Hospice offers grief services through support groups and individual grief counseling to children, teens and adults who have been touched by loss and grief due to death, whether or not their loved one has received hospice care. Although the expenses associated with these programs and services are not covered by private insurance providers, Medicare or Medicaid, Compass Regional Hospice is determined that cost will not be an obstacle preventing an individual, family or group from receiving help with issues surrounding loss and grief.


Individual Grief Counseling for Non-Hospice Individuals: While Compass Regional Hospice chooses not to charge an hourly fee for these professional counseling services, a monetary donation would be greatly appreciated to help offset the expenses associated with this service.

It is through generous donations and memorial gifts from our hospice families and the community that Compass Regional Hospice is able to provide care and grief support to families and the community without charging for services.